Monday, December 16, 2013

Day 5 Sit Rep

Today was good. I'm glad I made a contingency plan so that I'm not completely on my own. The full moon is rising over my camp, and I've got chili on the stove. I'm feeling lonely, but I'll be back in good company in 2 days. Tomorrow looks like the weather and terrain will be similar to today. I'm aiming for DeGray Lake State Park, so I'll be close to Hot Springs for Wed. For tonight, its warm food and solitude. Life is good.

Currently at White Oak State Park, AR. Great weather today. Was down to just my base layer. Beautiful trees and hills, but slow riding. That blowout was a time-suck as well. So, I've pulled the trigger on my contingency plan - which is Becki. She's driving north from New Orleans and picking me up on Wed in Hot Springs, AR. So, I have 2 days to get there, and then my ride will be over. I feel bad that I can't do the full 1000 miles, but my window is closing and it's best to take the ride so I can still make t home for Christmas. I'll enjoy the next 2 days, but I think I'll be happy to get off the road. For now, I have the whole park to myself, so I'm using every plug and sink like a boss.

I actually have time to make tea, like a nice modern gentleman, on this stove I've been hauling since Alexandria.

Early Finish

White Oak Lake State Park, Arkansas. I'm the only one here!

Major Blowout

And thats why you always bring a spare tire! This blowout was so big it ruined if tire. Took me a while to change, but back on the road.

Private Property

I've seen plenty of 'No Trespassing' signs, but this severed teddy bear head is a bit too Lord of the Flies!

New State!

Leaving Louisiana behind on a frosty morning. Goodbye, Napoleon. Hello Bill Clinton!