Monday, December 23, 2013

Fundraiser Details

As of now, this ride has raised $255 USD in direct donations. The money is being transferred from PayPal to Western Union, which will take a few days to reach the Philippines. The small PayPal fees and the larger Wester Union fees will be paid for, in full, by me, so that 100% of the donated funds will reach those who need it. I will have more details about how the funds are being used once they reach the Philippines, so check back before New Year.

Thank you, everyone who donated. The Eastern Visayas region of the Philippines will continue to need funds for months just to get by, and the recovery from Typhoon Haiyan is going to take years. I will return to Arkansas to finish this ride in a few months, and I will continue to take donations between now and then. Thank you for following my adventure and helping a country that so desperately needs it.

I learned a lot on this ride that I will apply when I return. The weakest link in the whole project was my gear. I've been getting away with cheaper bicycles (Diamondback in California, Trek 820 in Africa) and components for a while, but now it's clear that I need to make an investment in better equipment and lighter supplies to continue long rides in rural places. 100-mile days on a 70-pound bike are possible, but it pushes me and my gear to the limit, especially in December when there is only 11 hours of daylight in a given day. I also need to aim for established campgrounds, as roadside camping in the south-central US is very difficult. Lessons have been learned, and I will return more prepared.