Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Another Ride, Another Blog

Thank God for Google! These blogs are the only way I can build websites for my rides, and I think they do just fine.

This latest bad idea has a couple themes or motivations behind it. I am currently living in New Orleans, and I have 10 days to kill before Christmas, so why not do a ride? I've been wanting to try a cold weather tour, and I think this will be a good introduction. I may hit snow and ice further north, but at least Louisiana should be free of the really nasty weather.

A few months ago, I set a personal goal to stand on the highest point in each of the 50 US states before I die. I have a few high points already (New York, Vermont, New Hampshire, Colorado), so this is a continuation of that plan. The mountains along the way are open year round, and are easy treks to their summits. It should be a good way to spend a few days before the holidays.

I used to live in Saint Louis, so that is my destination. I still have friends there, which makes the logistics much easier. Saint Louis is where I really honed my skills in emergency management, which is the industry I am trying to break into down in New Orleans. Saint Louis will be a homecoming, of sorts. It's the place where I changed careers, eventually leading me to the Gulf Coast.

And finally, I am still working out the details, but I hope to make this trip a fundraiser for some friends of mine in the Philippines who survived Typhoon Haiyan (called Yolanda locally). I served as a Peace Corps Response volunteer in Calbayog City on the island of Samar. The island suffered massive damage to its critical infrastructure, and my friends have been relaying some rather disturbing stories about post-typhoon life in Calbayog over the past few weeks. I want to help them out, but am a broke-ass graduate student (as you can see by my sleek Diamondback bicycle). The Africa ride was a successful fundraiser, so why not seize this opportunity to help out some really good people that are finding themselves in a really bad situation?

I'll post fundraiser details once I've worked it all out.


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