Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Donations Used to Help Elementary School Students in Philippines

For everyone who trusted me and my contacts in the Philippines to deliver on our promises, I hope this message holds up our end of the bargain.

All the money I received ($265 USD) was transferred to Res, my former host-brother in the Philippines. The fees incurred through PayPal and Western Union were paid by me, so if you donated $20, the whole $20 went to Res. He received more than 11,000 Philippines Pesos, which he used to purchase paper, notebooks, pencils, and crayons for 600 elementary school students in the Eastern Samar communities of Balangkayan and Hernani, both of which suffered severe damage from Typhoon Haiyan.The supplies were delivered along with a shipment of food, water, and blankets from other donors.

These students are now able to continue their studies, and return to a more normal routine and pace of life, thanks to you all. Res is safely back in Calbayog City, and sends his sincere thanks to everyone who donated money to help strangers.

Res sent some photos from his trip to Eastern Samar when he delivered the supplies. I am including some below. They are low resolution as email is still slow in the Philippines, but I hope they show the impact of your generous donations.

Thank you all, so much.

Kyle and Res

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